Muscle Shoals - the movie

We missed the first screening of this new documentary a few months ago, and have been anxiously awaiting this afternoon's viewing.  It was worth the wait!  Greg 'Freddy' Camalier got it right.  This wonderful story about our community's rich music history told through many of our neighbor's eyes (Rick Hall, Swampers, etc) and every top recording artist of the 70's on.  -- Great fun hearing Aretha, Greg Allman, Mick Jagger, Steve Winwood, Keith Richards, Etta James, Percy Sledge, Alicia Keys and on and on and on - share their memories of recording in Muscle Shoals.

Although most of us know many of the "player's" in our super cool local history, this movie put together lots of the parts that I was missing.

My gosh, our community is on a roll.  "Muscle Shoals - the movie" is another wonderful gem.  Looks like it'll be released in September.  Can't wait to see it again.  

Muscle Shoals - this movie is amazing.

Muscle Shoals - this movie is amazing.

Robin Wade