Heizenburg back tonight for final season

Generally I don't watch tv series, never watch commercials, and never place at the top of my priority list to watch tv.  But that all changed with Breaking Bad and - Heizenburg.   After begin blown away with the pilot five year's ago, I was hooked.  Have seen every episode at least once.   This is our fav series of all time.

This quirky, off balance, schitzo plot that shows the best and worst of our human condition, often in each character each episode - not surprisingly isn't for everyone.  I haven't found too many Alabamans who'll admit to ever hearing of it.  Although I have a sneaking suspicion that there are quite a few closet addicts here as well.  Somehow it's just about perfect for me.  

Last couple of weeks we caught up on the previous season (5), in prep for the last Season of Walter White, Jessie and gang.  Tonight Linda, Sassafras and I will be glued to the tv, watching it live - commercials and all.  Might even go all out and pop some corn.


Breaking Bad's last season begins tonight at 8: 

Breaking Bad's last season begins tonight at 8: 

Linda Wade