Willow Fly Report

Although day temps are in the 80's , Fall is on it's way.  Days have been getting shorter for three weeks or so.  And now the Willow Flies are here again in mass.  Most afternoon's just as soon as I get home, my golden, Frassie, joins in on a cool down plunge and swim down river and back along the limestone cliff's and caves.  This is the South side (Florence side) of the Tennessee River - directly across from Dunnigan Slough.

This season I didn't observe the typical millions of flies seemingly everywhere in the air.  Only dozens flying.  But flies in the millions were floating along the river's south side, at a pretty brisk clip (looks like TVA is still dropping river lake levels from last weekend's rains.  On Wilson Lake it appeared to be a ribbon of floating willow flies approx 10' wide by possibly the length of the lake (13 miles or so I think).  I did receive a report that the flies were levitating in full force just a mile or so east.  


Robin Wade