We've gone curvey!

After more than a couple of months of planning and building these new (for rwf) elliptically shaped tables, we finally applied the last coat of our very earth friendly water based finish and began taking pics.

I've avoided "curves" in our furniture design for seven years now.  They just didn't "feel right".  With confirmation of our solar system, I've come to a very comfortable, peaceful place with our first curves.  These three tables are perfect ellipses.    I'd love to hear your thoughts here.

At this point, we've only finished the tops.   I can design and attach one of several optional bases to each.  Also each can become either a coffee table, desk or dining table - depending on your needs.

We'll be cleaning up the images background (in photoshop), pricing these three tables out and making them available in our upcoming online store through the weekend.   The general dimensions for these three tables:  
107" x 43" x 2" thick, 81" x 43" x 3" thick, and 52" x 39" x 3" thick. 

Keep in mind that we love custom orders.  If these don't fit perfectly in your space, just let us know.  Want it thinner with diff dims - no problem.

Robin Wade