Screen Printing demonstration @ Natural Curiosities

The super creative team at Natural Curiosities is one of the few exhibitor's that gets my attention, even for only a few moments, each year at High Point.  This interhall exhibit of 15 LA artists is a wonderful diversion from what has become almost the standard fare of cheap uninspired imports that has taken over HP.

Some of my fondest childhood memories were of helping my Dad screen print Christmas cards each year.  Although only a few cards sent to family friends each year, I so looked forward to this annual project.  Back in the early '60's the screens were hand cut - eventually moving toward a photographic process that allowed more detail, although possibly just a bit less soul.  This (unknowingly at the time) was my introduction to a couple of creative endeavors that became passions as well as professions thru most of my life.

Oops, back to the show.  Some of their (Natural Curiosities') work is screen printed, and this year they were printing onsite these wonderful cards. 

Robin Wade