Michael Nichols/National Geographic Showing

Mike Nichols hometown visit and showing this week. 

Mike Nichols hometown visit and showing this week. 

I've been enjoying National Geographic (primarily the phototography) as long as i can remember.  Growing up, the bookshelf wall in the living room was full of decades of back issues of the beautiful bright yellow National Geo.  We thoroughly enjoyed the showing of Mike NIchols friday afternoon.  Locals have been trying to entice Michael for year's to stop back by to share some of his adventurous life with us all.   

With the launch of his new book and lecture tour the stars aligned and we finally brought this local back for a few days.  Nichols has been the Editor at Large at National Geographic since 2008. 

I look forward to attending the "Earth to Sky" lecture and book tour/book signing at Norton Auditorium this upcoming weekend. 

That's UNA's super pro photographer Shannon Wells taking a few pics of our Amy and Gina.  Barbra Broach of Kennedy Douglas Art Center taking in a  preview.  Forgot to mention that the location is the much awaited downtown market that has been under remodel for quite a while.  I really like the way they move.  Slow, but just right.  

Robin Wade