natural edge oak desk

natural edge oak desknatural edge oak desk

This natural edge oak desk also arrived fresh out finishing room this morning.  This one's a real beauty, flaunting nothing but natural throughout.  The

natural oak desk

beautiful natural edges of the local oak tree are clearly apparent from leg to leg.  Another - somewhat natural element is the fairly common "blue streak" down one leg.  So many of our larger oak trees spent their previous

lives shading a residence.  And, as we human types seem to have to do, metal of all sorts seems to find its way into the back yard trees.  This blue streak is a flag to our sawyers milling the logs to be careful - that there is metal close by (usually just above the metal stain). 

Just another unique, one of a kind

somewhat natural table.

38" x 58" x 30" tall

natural edge oak desk

Robin Wade