The Spiral Diner - a Slow Business Model

the spiral dinerThe Spiral Diner - a Slow Business Model

by Tony Lothes, Dallas Texas

Spiral Diner is part of a brave new movement in modern culture. That movement has been referred to as a sustainable world, a world that is conscious of its actions and how it affect the world around them as well as the future. Spiral Diner is a complete vegan restaurant, getting its start as a humble food cart in the Fort Worth Rail Market with a staff of only four people. They serve only foods that are brought in from local farms and use cooking methods that promote a healthy lifestyle. Spiral was a quick hit with everyone around the Fort Worth Rail Market, gaining patrons hungry for their exquisite cuisine and friendly service. Spiral was the brainchild of Amy McNutt, a visionary young woman whom, after graduating from film school, was making a documentary on the cattle industry. While working on her film, she encountered some secrets that changed the way she looked at food. It also changed the way she saw the world and how we use our everyday resources. After reading a story called “The Little Pencil” she realized how much of the world and our actions are violent, in more than just the physical human-on-human sense. The story makes reference to the ways violence is poured on society and how we perpetuate it. When we throw away clothes or half used items, that is, in its own way, violence against humanity itself. Inspired by these stories and projects, she made a career-changing decision and moved back home to the heart of cowtown to open a vegan restaurant.

Spiral Diner offers a widely varied menu ranging from smoothies to spaghetti and meatballs. All foods are one hundred percent vegan and are made mostly in house, from scratch. Spiral is priced very affordably-- clearly stating that it is not their intention to make money off their clientele, but to provide the community an affordable option when it come to a vegan diet as well as gainfully compensating its staff for their efforts.

Spiral is committed to showing the metroplex that veganism is not only a smart choice for its people's health, but it’s the smart choice for the environment. The livestock industry has been linked to the deaths of countless aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico due to waste runoff, as well as heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Spiral’s message is clear: veganism is the best choice for the good of our planet.

The Spiral Diner - a Slow Business Model

Robin Wade