Life in South Africa - Urban Spaces

life in south africa - urban spacesLife in South Africa... Where does one start?

by Lauren Kent, Johannesburg

I’d like to start with the urban spaces.
This is often the last association that people have with South Africa and the rest of the African continent. When people come to South Africa, they expect it to be a country of rolling hills and scantily clad dancers. But even South Africans can have funny views of the rest of the continent.

I spent seven months in other Southern and East African countries recently and so often my South African friends


would ask if I was going to have cell phone signal, if internet would be easy to find and how I was going to get from one place to the other.

I think the general conclusion to this is that the idea of modern urban space is still something that people do not associate with South African and the rest of the continent. So now, I will begin to introduce you to this idea.

Welcome to Jozi (Johannesburg), city full of energy and flux, decay and rebuilding. A city many want to leave, and even more want to come to. A place of refuge from those with hardly anything; a place of nothing for those with even less. It is a city of youth, and place where slowly the young are reclaiming her space. A place of art, corporate businesspeople and contrasts. This is my space and this is where I come from.

Life in South Africa... Where does one start?

Robin Wade