Paul - Making Peace in Ethiopia

Paul - Making Peace in EthiopiaPaul Makepeace - Making Peace in Ethiopia

Have you ever had a friend that you just couldn't ever really figure out what the heck he does for a living?  Well, I've had a few.  All (well almost all) turned out totally legit, usually hearty do-gooders.  We'll, I received an email this morning with these pics of his current business trip to Ethiopia

The way I understand it, he will be stationed in Johannesburg for a year or two, once he completes his work in Ethiopia.  And from these pics, there seems to be pleanty of work to do.  Now exactly what work he doesn't there I don't have an inkling.  He works for IFDC, an International non-profit, based right here in our community in North Alabama, and according to their website they:  IFDC is an international nonprofit serving the most impoverished areas of the world with agribusiness and soil fertility solutions to achieve global food security.

I just remembered that another old buddy, that has now moved off to Honduras (well he did a couple of decades ago) ran IFDC, and I never really got what he was doing either.

Generally, somehow he's over there maybe working with their government in some type of supportive/collaborative role???  Wonderful work I'm sure.  Maybe we should send our first "local" intern over to interview the current Pres and see what's up. 

I really enjoyed the pics, hope you do.

And Paul, if you'd like to chime in here to clear the air, you'd be more than welcome!

















My Friend Paul - Making Peace in Ethiopia

Robin Wade