Shoutout to J.J. Fellows

Our new contributors generally jump at the opportunity to write about subject matter that they are passionate about, but enticing them to write about themselves has been like pulling teeth.  J.J's skills in thoughtful research and writing are amazing, and so appreciated.  She's a wonderful role model for the future of our program.  I'll be moving her bio over to a new contributor bio page soon, but for now, I just wanted to say thank you J.J.!  p.s.  J.J. Any chance of a video of your poi spinning??

J.J. Fellows lives and works in British Columbia, Canada. She is an avid reader, writer and researcher after catching the research bug in university, where she studied social sciences and majored in the humanities. She writes blogs, articles, short stories and the occasional novel. Her short stories have appeared in several magazines such as Beyond Centauri, Reflection's Edge, and The Lorelei Signal. Her research interests are in the environment, aesthetics, psychology, philosophy, history, anthropology and pretty much anything else that sparks her interest. She tends to shy away from writing short biographies about herself, and when she does, she does it awkwardly and in the 3rd person.
When not glued to the keyboard, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and spinning poi.  For more information visit her website at, or follow her on Google+.

Robin Wade