What does Seoul have to do with furniture anyway?

You might be beginning to wonder if you are on the right website.  Seeing a few blog posts and quite interesting, well thought out and well written pages around here.  Yes, I can't blame you for wondering if you are lost. 

But no, you are right here, in the space at this moment, but things might seem quite a bit brighter.  And I think that's an amazing thing.

Over the past month or two I've been reaching out and making new friends all over the country and planet.  In the wonderful article about Seoul, I can't help but think of how I might think of and describe my home, the deep South.  When you first think of the South (if you aren't Southern) what do you first think of?  Quick!  Well, most people that haven't had a chance to visit the South and get to know us, might think of 1960's Civil Rights Issues, or 2012 Immigration legislation.  But if they/you will just dig just a bit deeper, you might just find a wonderful, mesmerizing place that you might never want to leave.

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Michael and his present home Seoul South Korea, from his perspective.  In his next piece (presently in our editing queue with more great stuff), let us tag along with him on a first date in Seoul, with photos along the way of the subway station, coffee shop that's closed, etc

So, what does all of this have to do with my little sustainable furniture business?  Nothing and everything.  I set up RWF as a means to celebrate life, creativity, and friends I meet along the way.  Well, I guess you could say that I've opened the doors, bumped the party up a notch, having the time of my life, celebrating with friends across the planet to better understand them, their way of life, the wonderful differences, and maybe arriving at the conclusion that we might just all be much more similar than we might first have thought.

Robin Wade