A new beginning for this massive sassafras tree

massive sassafrasA new beginning for this massive sassafras tree

Typically we don't take the time to move our Lucas sawmill to slab a log onsite.  But we were happy to make an exception for our arborist friend Joe McPhail, who recently lost his massive sassafrass tree in his back yard. Monday we broke down our Lucas sawmill, loaded it up on our trailer, and move the sawmill operation across the Tennessee River and into Joe's back yard.

Some of the limbs are huge, but the base of this beautiful sassafras measured a massive 70".  We just took a couple of quick cuts to make sure all is in order before calling it  day.  Since I was in the air most of the day Tuesday, I don't know what kind of progress they've made so far. But can't wait to see this beauty in slabs. 

Really hate that Joe lost this beauty.  Also really love that we are able to begin the process of a beautiful second life for her. 

Oh, don't let me forget to share the amazing aroma that permeated the neighborhood as we made the two cuts.  (I've gotta find some sassafras perfume for Linda!!).

A new beginning for this massive sassafras tree

Robin Wade