Cramer Children's Center tree to table

Cramer Children's Center tree to tableCramer Children's Center tree to table

I can't believe it's taken me six months to get to slabbing this big oak beauty that  was downed during a storm last Spring.  I have all kinds of excuses, one of them being that it's 2 feet wider than my Lucas sawmill is designed to mill.

Friday we finally returned from my friend Joe McPhail's Sassafras on site job with the sawmill, so it was perfect timing (it seemed) to get to this haus.  I'll be feeling much better when we can get it slabbed down to a managable level. 

Although we usually flitch saw our slabs much thicker, we are cutting most of these slabs 1.75" thick.  Being oak, the toughest wood that I've run into yet to dry on this planet, this thickness is more than pushing the boundaries.  And it will be well over a year of air drying before these slabs will be ready for 3 weeks in the kiln then ready for the final step of the process toward it's next life.

And, as part of it's next life, is probably my favorite part of this business.  The part that might make a little difference for the Cramer Children's Center.  Honored to be making and donating a table to the center to be auctioned of with 100% of the proceeds going to however the center would like to use them.   

Cramer Children's Center tree to table

Robin Wade