Royal Passing - a poem

by: Sheila Taylor

In late October of two thousand and eleven
An ancient Oak Queen left us for tree heaven

This tall beautiful Empress that toward the sky
Now stands lifeless, but one day had to die

No one is quite sure how long she survived
But for hundreds of years she did flourish and thrive

Estimated at five hundred years old, maybe even eight
No matter which number, her life was quite great

he width of her trunk, enormously round
And her branches stretched out to form a beautiful crown

Her feature in an issue of National Geographic
Brought two score and 17 years of noble traffic

How many years did this Bur Oak Queen reign
This beautiful Queen, in no way a plain Jane
She existing on American soil for so many years
That some people now visit and even shed tears

Before Columbus, Washington, World War I or II
Before the Wright brothers, Apollo 11 or the challenger flew
Before Lincoln, Roosevelt or Vietnam
Before Kennedy, King, or the atom bomb

Before the attack on Pearl Harbor or September 11
But we knew someday she had to leave us for heaven
It is not yet known why she took her last breath
And for now she stands lifeless, beautiful even in death

Robin Wade