Our Planet’s Largest Living Tree - a poem

by: Sheila Taylor

General Sherman

General Sherman?
General Sherman?
Who in the world is he?
The General is by volume earth’s largest living tree!
Is this an American General?
Where do this General stay?
Why yes this is an American General who lives in the USA!
How big is the General?
Does he really deserve this rank?
He’s about 300 feet tall and can withstand the hit of a tank!
Okay this General is tall, and a tank?
Is he that sound?
Yes indeed he is, this General is over 100 feet round!
Can you tell me more about him, where can I see his bark?
He stands in a Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park.
A few years ago he lost a branch that was over 8 feet long.
That did not change his status, he still stands just as strong.
If you can come out to see him, you would not believe what you see!
It is amazing to stand gazing at earth’s largest living tree!

Robin Wade