Amy Flurry's "Recipe for Press"

Amy Flurry's Recipe for Pressrecipe for press

I think it was the first couple of days of the year, we enjoyed several Alabama sun filled days of r&r and got caught up on some reading.  The first book I dove into was in preparation of Amy Flurry's upcoming presentation in Atlanta Sunday.  In her new book, "Recipe for Press" Amy shares invaluable "secrets" that small I can't imagine wouldn't benefit any small business or artist attempting to build their brand and communicate with the press.

This is probably nothing new to PR agencies.  The information Amy shares is the primary reason (I believe) that businesses hire PR agencies.  But there are so many of us that can't afford to add significant additional expenses to our marketing budgets - particularly these last few years.

Amy's unique combination of insight as an experienced, accomplished 18 year freelance writer along with willingness and ability to share,  makes for a sweet read

She shares wonderful examples of how other small artists/businesses have succeeded, most if not all of whom seem to have a southern drawl.

I've marked and highlighted the heck out of the book.  Now I need to go back through it to build a game plan of just how to modify our marketing campaign's approach.  My only concern is that I may not have any spare time to spare for this much needed - well - recipe. 

Oh, also on the agenda is to attend Amy's presentation Sunday.  Thanks again Amy for sharing this insightful, amazingly valuable wisdom.

recipe for press

Robin Wade