this week's agenda

It's always good to get back home, sleep in our bed, and get back to my very comfortable zone, the studio.  After weekend storms, the sky has cleared, the humidity has plummeted (a good thing for me) and it actually felt almost cool on the way to work at 7:00 this morning (although the forecast for the afternoon is an even 100).

For the week's agenda.  Let's see.  Plenty of work outside with the Lucas planer.  Have several more oak slabs to plane.  Then, tomorrow or thursday, we'll convert it (the lucas) back over to what it was made for, a sawmill, and slab some of the beautiful trees folks have dropped off recently.  Looks like cherry and oak will be the flavors of the week.  Both from friends.  Both with interesting stories that we look forward to sharing.

Inside we've got lot's of projects to complete, as well as new pieces to build.  Amazing massive maple slabs that will become a very natural edge dining table and low table.  Each approx 8' long.  A couple of really small, almost rustic but with a mid century modern vibe (hopefully) in the works.  Refinishing the 14' long conference table that has been on display at Robert Trent Jones of the Shoals club house. 

Planning the presentation for Montgomery.  Considering a September visit to the HD Boutique show in Miami.  Choosing a couple of pieces for the Tupelo Furniture Market.  Planning our booth layout for High Point.  Designing the two page ad for the High Point Resource guide. 

Oh, and we should have our monthly monoLOG newsletter published next week.  Clearly all of this isn't due this week.  Thank goodness for that, and for work (which happens to be play). 

Robin Wade