Bill's Gamblin Hall - revisited

bill's gamblin hallEven if I loved Las Vegas, four trips in eight months is more than enough for a while.  And after staying in the luxurious Trump Intl a couple of weeks ago, this week's visit to Bill's was with - well - clarity.

Lets start with the bad.  At reservation, when the gal handed me the key and mentioned proudly that I would be enjoying a room with a view - I should have known something was up.  And it was.  The view was great.  Overlooking the Paris, the strip and a great view of the Bellagio watershow.  The problem - my second floor room right above the street was not quiet.  And I should have requested a move.  Next time I'll know, because in Vegas, the strip doesn't start to quieten down before 4 or so.

Although other's might find more issues, my only additional complaint is that the room retained just a hint of musty cigarette smoke.  After I was in the room for a minute or two, I no longer noticed it. 

Now to the great side of Bill's.  In this economic time, a very important consideration is the price.  Although I've actually paid as little as $38 per night before, I think the room averaged around $48.  Gosh, even in Alabama, that's almost unheard of. 

And we are talking about possibly the best location in all of Vegas.  Right on the strip, beside Bally's.  There was a show shuttle from Bally's to the World Market Center, so I just walked across the street each morning, and was ushered straight to the Market Center as if I was somebody.  Fun.

So, in previous posts I've talked about the amazing steak and eggs breakfast special - before 6:00am, the afterhours nightclub that I haven't been able to stay up long enough for just to take a pic for the blog.  But my new find this trip, is the off the charts chinese cuisine in this little hole in the wall. 

After the show on Tuesday, I was whooped and didn't see any better, easy options for dinner close by (although remind me to tell you about some awesome options across the street in Paris hotel and casion), so I took a quick shower and took the (very slow) elevator down from the second floor to the lobby and restaurant.  I saw that the last page of the menu was Chinese food selections.  I asked the (totally worn out looking) waiter about the Chinese food.  She actually came to life and said it was amazing.  I gave it a shot, and it actually was.  Really, really good.  (I forget the name) but the dish was chicken and veggies with noodles.  The noodles tasted like they were made right there.  The chicken breast meat was perfectly moist and trimmed the way it should be.  And the sauce was over the top awesome.

 As I was checking out I confirmed that the person cooking the Chinese food was Chinese.  They said they were, and that they had been cooking in this restaurant ever since the (previous) hotel (the Barbary Coast) opened.  And that it (the Chinese food) was the best thing on the menu for DECADES.  They also gave me a tip that this item, along with the kung pao chicken, were the two really good Chinese items on the Chinese menu. 

Well, just in case the price and location hadn't already sold me on where to stay during the Winter Market, I absolutely will have to Stay at Bill's and will absolutely be looking forward to another GREAT Chinese food dining experience while I'm there. 

Robin Wade