organic maple dining table finds amazing home

Organic maple dining table

This organic maple dining table found an amazing home.  Our friends from "across the River" Rusty and Lisa Alexander, have been building an amazing home.  And yesterday we delivered this quite amazing organic maple dining table (iidssms).

This beautiful home was designed by acclaimed Winter Park architect Phil Kean, and is quite unique, particularly for our area.  Beautifully modern, simple lines everywhere you look. 

And, it seems that everywhere you look there's also a view of our beautiful Wilson Lake.

The Alexander's are being quite generous with sharing it.  They are still planting sod, welding a beautiful floating staircase, and completing all the details, hopefully in time for our upcoming Shoals tour of homes.  If you are local (or not) and want to see a modern home done well, this might just be a good chance. 

The next opportunity will be when the NAHB (National Home Builder's) have their annual show.  Phil's own home will be the 2012 New American Home and open for views during the show in February.

I'm going to have to get back over here to the Alexander's when there's better light, or with a photographer that know's what he's doing for some pics of the home and the organic maple dining table that do it justice.

Organic maple dining table

Robin Wade