trinity episcopal playground tree

trinity episcopal playground treeTrinity Episcopal Playground tree

A couple of years ago, my buddy architect Joey Leavitt, called and said that the beautiful old pecan tree in the childrens play ground of the Trinity Episcopal church was being taken down (next door to his office).  I drove the five blocks up pine street to get a better look.  And was happy to purchase what the tree service insisted was trash.

The base of the tree was almost completely hollow.  There was some really nice heartwood further up into the massive structure of the tree.  But, it clearly had signs that of metal.  Which also typically sends an old tree straight to the city dump. 

It was more than worth our trouble to use the metal detecorl throughout the very slow slabbing process in order to save some of of this historical old master, and shade tree to generations of children.

This is all we have so far.  The remainder is still drying and awaiting the final kiln drying process.  But for now, this piece, along with a few other broken pieces, just might make something pretty special.

Trinity Episcopal Playground tree

Robin Wade