Lion available today

Apple's LION available todayThere's a fair chance that Apple's new operating systems will be available today for immediate download.  Too many new features to describe, the new iCloud is probably the most interesting here.  Looks like there will be a server version and a desktop? v. of 10.7.  Combining the best of the iPad and Mac OS X Leopard, and adding in the iCloud, AND dropping mobileME, AND selling it all for $29 bucks seems like as close to a sure thing as there seems to be.

Seems like the skinnier Steve Jobs gets, the better his company and products are.  hmmm??  - maybe a lesson here for mua?  The "goldmaster" has been released to developers, so I'm looking for it any day now.  Should be some new Mac's available as well.

I'll be checking the Apple App store throughout the day to see if it's Christmas yet.

Oops.  I just remembered reading somewhere that some very significant software apps wouldn't be running on Lion.  Most traumatic for me to lose would be Adobe Photoshop.  Hopefully that was just a rumor, because without out Photoshop I'd be "up the creek", possibly a beautiful creek with a city landfill long with a killer lowhead dam.

Robin Wade