No trump fan here, but . . .

no trump fan here

No Trump fan here.

I'm clearly no Donald Trump fan.  Typically, would never consider staying at one of his properties (even if it's just a franchise).  But, I suppose, everyone has their price.  .  .  and, this week, my price was 70 bucks.

Although not my personal taste, I have to admit that this Trump property has a lot going for it.  It's really beautiful - if you can handle the glitz.  It's quiet.  I think this one is only because the Don was totally snubbed in Vegas.  They didn't allow him to build a casino along with the hotel.  And for this reason, the property, unlike most in Las Vegas, it's quite comfortable.  No walking thru miles of casinos just to find the elevator.  No massess of tourists looking around and stepping all over each other.  Beautiful quiet pool.  I hear the spa here is wonderful, but didn't get a chance to find out. 

I suppose the reason the price is so right, must be the economy.  And it's really tough to see a city so clearly hurting.  Las Vegas is having a tough time, and I'm afraid it may take a decade or so (just my guess) to get turned around.

No Trump fan here.



Robin Wade