yikes, my mac ain't back

I'm way behind on posts here, but here's the "skinny".  My Mac's been sitting at an Apple repair facility in Memphis for over a week - and I need it back!  Was hoping for today, but it's now looking like Monday.  I've had access to Linda's Macbook Air and her Ipad, but they don't have my suite of graphic design applications, plus, plus. 

Lots going on around here. The museum benches are looking great and will be completed next week.  Big marketing schedule changes.  The Let's Talk Tables Tour will not make it to Dallas and LA next month.  We will be making an announcement about it soon, but we've added the venues of the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market as well as the Las Vegas Furniture Markets in July.

We are working on the June issue of our newsletter, the MonoLOG, where you'll find an all new design, a strengthening green marketing partnership, the new show schedule, and more.


Robin Wade