I can't get enough of this wild oak console

rotten oak consoleThis wild oak console for shaw ooozes something that I can't seem to get enough of.  It's the piece that each time I walk by, I slow down and really appreciate.  Maybe because this partially rotten oak lumber is something I haven't used much in the past.  We just received a truckload from the kiln, and there are a few slabs that have this wild partially rotten effect.

Rot is just another area that is completely absorbing my attention.  We seem to get more of this organically distressed effect with oak than any other species.  You see, is the toughest hardwood species (at least for me) to dry.  It is very slow drying.  Even when most of it is dry, there may be (usually are) small pockets of moisture cells.  But the more obvious problem is that oak just rots faster, and easier than any other hardwood species - at least that I deal with.  So, over a period of a few years of air drying, if one slab sticks out in the weather a bit, or if moisture gets in for one reason or another when it rains, we start getting some rot.  I don't think I've had so much that I can't use the entire piece.  So far, there's a much better chance that we don't get enough of this magical organic discoloration.  Well, that's at least my opinion.

This rotten oak podium will be on display in the ShawFlooring Atlanta showroom this upcoming market.  And will be showcasing Shaw's catalog of beautiful, sustainable products.

Robin Wade