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real food in russellville alabamaReal Food in Russellville, Alabama

Why is it that a little trailer on a back street of a small north alabama town can consistently serve MUCH better food than 95% of (larger) restaurants?

I'm really not sure what the answer is to this quite perplexing question.  I do understand that not all dives or trailers can do it.  Some could probably kill you. 

But I LOVE finding out of the way dives that have amazing food.  I typically enjoy doing this when out of town, but yesterday, we were driving thru Russellville on the way home from Phil Campbell.  And, being Saturday, Linda's favorite real (southern country) food spot around - Taylors - was closed, so we had a chance to explore a bit.  We had heard of a little spot we've been wanting to try - El Pollo Loco (not the really good Mexican and west coast franchise) but a little local spot.  But before we found it we saw this dive, and I knew we had to try it. And oh man was it good.  Home made corn tortillas smell so good from blocks away.  And the tacos were more like real Mexican.  Meaning kinda heavy of the beef and light on the veggies - which isn't usually my thing.  They asked gringo if we wanted the traditional cilantro and onion topping or (American) lettuce and tomato.  I jumped at the cilantro and onion.  Of course they had home made tomatillo salsa.  So simple.  So real.  So perfect.  And so much better than 95% of restaurants. 

Real Food in Russellville, Alabama

Robin Wade