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This morning, Linda and I (and the pups) took the short 40 minute drive due south to the tornado devastated town of Phil Campbell.  Today the town, took a break from survival mode, and celebrated it's 100th anniversary.   The celebration took, like the town, wasn't fancy, but it was wonderful.  Lots of laughing, children, music, marching, and a whole bunch of phil C's everywhere you looked.

What a treat it was to visit with the town and many of the citizens that survived the storm.  Among those that we visited with were Mayor Mays, to councilmen, to the girl scouts, FEMA workers, rescue squad members, along with over 20 folks named Phil Campbell that arrived from all parts of globe to help.  Quite an amazing cross section that, all with a single goal to try to help.  There was an amazing positive energy in the air - It seemed like this might have been the first time many of them have been able to slow down and take a deep breath.

I didn't realize that the Mayor had been in the furniture business throughout his life.  I'm commited to doing what I can to help.  Seems like building a table from one of the downed trees and auctioning it off for the town would be appropriate.  I'm thinking that their may be others in our industry that might also want to help.  It's going to take years to get this little town back on it's feet, if it ever is able to.  Maybe something like furnishings for phil?  If you have any thoughts, please share.

I've got a good bit of video from today's remarkable event, and hope to put it together soon.  Stay tuned.

Robin Wade