modern walnut daybed

modern walnut daybed

modern walnut daybeddaybed furniture


We've been working on the walnut daybed on and off for the past couple of weeks.  Just like our tables, the legs and structure have been cut clean and straight, leaving the back (typically the table top) natural, twisted, and wonderfully just like God made it (previously in the form of a tree).

I can't make trees (although I can plant them), but I think I made a beautiful first attempt at a daybed.

This modern walnut daybed has been built to a standard size.  We make and sell the wood parts, the rest (including the mattress and fabric) will be left to the designer.  Note the standard mattress that will fit is readily available at any Sams, Costco, etc.  One more note;  I don't know of an American manufacturer of these mattresses.  I'm thinking there probably are a few left.  Maybe in Mississippi or ??  If you are a manufacturer of standard daybed size mattresses, please let me know.

We'll have this modern walnut daybed oiled and finished next week, and hopefully have some pics as well.

modern walnut daybed


Robin Wade