the pod hotel nyc

This (above) is a quick little tour of the entrance and lobby of this funky little Pod Hotel.


Pod Hotel NYCIt was great fun to stay in this super cool little hotel in NYC during Design Week.  As I'm sure you know, NYC is one of the most expensive spots to stay - well at least in this country.  Typically, unless I'm willing to up my budget by a couple of hundred percent, the hotel (in NY) is not so great.

Well, in this case the compromise was the size of the room.  That's it!  And since I'm not a room lounger when I travel, this was the perfect compromise.  Location - amazing.  Service - couldn't be better.  Cool factor - over the top.  Shower - one of the best hotel shower's I've - well showered in.  With a handle for temp control, I felt right at home.  Great design, and it even had body sprays -- now I know how my car feels.  Clean factor - great. Can you see that the Reservations desk (above) is shimmering transluscent green??  And, one of my most important criteria - Quiet - Never heard a peep out of neighbors. 

Ok, so for the compromise.  It was the smallest room I've ever stayed in.  Really tiny.  Had a small, new flat screen built into the wall, and barely enough room for a built in desk and chair.  Perfectly clean.  Felt brand new.  I've already tried to book this place for ICFF 2012, but their computer isn't taking reservations yet. 

Robin Wade