16,000 egos - aia convention new orleans

aia expo - 16,000 egosOh me, that had to be a typo.  What I meant was that 16,000 architects in one building, even one city is quite a happening.  And this happening happens in a different city each year.  The truth of the matter is that I have great respect for Architects' egos - woops - what I meant was - their advanced understanding of design.  There is no singular group (that my personal market research department has disclosed) that understands my design aesthetic better than architects.

It was a blast to mix meetings with architects in what I believe to be the best food city in the world.  It was great to see New Orleans looking so good.  When I was there - last weekend - the locals were hopefully optimistic that creek wouldn't rise on them again this soon.  Let's hope not, because these poor folks have had more than their share for a while.  Yes, I LOVE New Orleans - and yes - architects.

Robin Wade