Ipad2 slide show marketing

ipad2 slide show marketingThe secret to our marketing campaign finally arrived, the Ipad2 slide show marketing.  Actually, I have been using the High Point show as an excuse to purchase one more Apple toy.  I would like to use it in the booth in High Point to allow customers to run some self directed slide shows, directly on the Ipad.  As before, we'll have a general slide show running on a large flat screen monitor, but this one might only show the new "seating" line, or ??.

Yesterday I completed the graphics on the 10 page press kit as well as our handouts for the show.  Also designed and ordered a few handouts for the Shaw booth, with directions to our space down in InterHall.

Today my primary focus(es) are the slide shows, the signs that'll be applied to the acrylic (that'll be applied to the four big slabs).  Each will tell one piece of the story;  No clear cutting, no importing, no veneer, no stain.

Still haven't quite completed all the last minute samples that we keep tweaking.  But we're making great headway.

Tomorrow we've got some deadline's for press, and hopefully we'll have all of our samples completed.  All is actually looking good at this point.  Might even have an example on the site this afternoon of my progress on the Ipad2 slide show marketing campaign.

Robin Wade