acrylic display fabrication

  acrylic sign

Although aesthetically, I'd like to design some furniture with extra thick clear acrylic legs, etc, we've chosen not to - for the environment's sake.  But I did make a bit of an exception last week in that I ordered a 4x8' sheet of acrylic to help tell our story.  In the booth with be two slabs on each of the left and right opposing walls.  Each will have aluminum stand off hardware in the corners to attach these four pieces of clear acrylic to.  Then, we'll attach the vinyl lettering that tells the story;  No clear cutting, no importing, no veneer, no stain.

The easiest way to clean the edges of this acrylic seemed to be to give the edges of little "flame" treatment.  Worked like a charm.  The pic on the right is the 4x8' of acrylic in our panel saw.  Although I like the "look" of acrylic, I'm going straight back to the most environmentally sensitive product to make furniture from - American Hardwood.


Acrylic display fabrication

Robin Wade