Beautiful wild cherry tree begins a new adventure


I was so glad to hear from Gayle and Doug Evans when they called several months ago.  They have/had a beautiful old wild cherry tree right behind the house for the 30+ years that they've lived there on Lelia.  We'll have to do a growth ring count, but I'm guessing it's been there a century or longer.  Well, the tree service business is good around here, and this majestic wild cherry tree came down yesterday.  I left my 20' trailer parked in front of the house all day, and around 4:00 Doug called to say the bulk of the trunk was sitting on my trailer in three parts.






I'm going to stop back by next week and help them cut down and remove the bottom 4' of the trunk.  Now all these pieces might look like junk or good land fill, but I'm seeing a few beautiful tables here.  Really looking forward to placing them in the sawmill, and getting started on the next life of this beautiful old wild cherry tree.  Stay tuned.

Robin Wade