A mind blowing tour of HudsonAlpha Friday

hudsonalpha huntsville, alabamaA mind blowing tour of HudsonAlpha Friday

Linda and I were treated to a mind bloging tour of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville Friday.  I knew almost nothing about the institute other than lots of very smart folks doing really good work in a really beautiful modern buildings "over there".  Well, I was right I guess, but my understanding needed only to be magnified/multiplied significantly.

Holly Ralston, HudsonAlpha's Communications Director tried her best to explain what the heck's going on over there. Here's a summary:

1)  Beautiful modern, architecture quite conducive to creative "thinking" and "doing"

2)  It's full of folks doing amazing work.  I understand almost nothing about it.  But I heard words like genomes, aneuploidy, dna - ok, that's about all I retained here.  And that's because of;

3)  The amazing good these guys are doing.  They are doing research to - well - make the world a better place.  Cancer research, alternate fuel research!  Wow.  I really had no idea this was going on right down the road in Linda's hometown of

A mind blowing tour of HudsonAlpha Friday

Robin Wade