disaster or beautiful design-charred walnut lumber

disaster or beautiful design-charred walnut lumberdisaster or beautiful design

Several years ago, i visited my Amish friend's sawmill.  Before we began milling lumber inhouse, he milled our lumber.  It was a cold day, and he had a blazing fire pit full of walnut and cherry off cuts.  I walked closer, and saw smoke seemingly coming from a stack of just milled lumber.  I was shocked to see that a few of the pieces had begun to burn.  He told one of his boys to go get a pale of water, and it was put out. 

Well, my entire stack of walnut lumber didn't burn to smithereens, so it wasn't a disaster.  I'm not sure how this first piece (of what I think my be only a couple??) is going to come out, but at this point, I wish we had let more pieces in the stack char, blacken, organically, naturally rapidly oxidize.

We'll get back to this one right after the first of the year to see just what we have.  I'm thinking it might become a "super charred" console table.

(Just before closing for the week/almost year) we put some sandpaper and elbow grease to it, and I was pleased to see that after the loose charcoal fell away, most of the remaining edge remains black, and doesn't seem to be coming off on my hands.  Venturing off into new territory, as I seem to regularly if I don't have my trusty gps turned on, we just never know what the day holds.

disaster or beautiful design

Robin Wade