small organic oak desk

small organic oak desksmall organic oak desk

This is the last piece that we retrieved from the finishing room last week, and, much like her big sister, this one's a beaut.  Again, the amber tone of the oak slab is amazing.  It's really strange how oak can have so many looks, textures, tones, depth.  Depending on the type of oak, the soil condition, the age of the tree when harvested, the amount of sunlight, the types of foliage the sun filters through, maybe the vegitation growing over it's roots, maybe the types of worms that are doing their thing nearby, maybe which birds dropped by for a visit one day, maybe which song they sang.  I don't know the why's to most things, but I'm really

appreciating these new desks.

One of them will be shipping soon, and will be on display at the upcoming Las Vegas Market in January.  Oh, if you are interested, there is quite a bit of history regarding the tree this desk was made from.  I enjoy telling the story.  Just ask.

small organic oak desk

Robin Wade