one table for Phil Campbell

one table for Phil Campbelloak slabs from Phil Campbell

slabs to table for the relief effort of the town of Phil Campbellone table for Phil Campbell

I know this doesn't look like much, but with a little time and care, I'm got big plans for these two stacks of wood?  Our neighboring community of Phil Campbell was devastated by the tornadoes of the Spring.  I've joined the amazing "I'm with Phil" campaign in an effort to do what I think I do best - to help.  And I've committed to making and donating a table to this worthwhile cause. 

This was a tree that was still standing after the tornado.  It was right outside the door of the city hall.  It was standing, but after the tornado, it didn't have a single limb, and certainly wouldn't have been able to survive.

The Oprah network sent a film crew and a couple of producers down to Phil Campbell to interview (several of the "Phil's) along with the Mayor and some of the remaining residents of the city. 

I believe it is scheduled to air on February.  Let's hope so.  Although the Phil's have raised enough money for one Habitat for Humanity home for the city, I think that leaves around 99 more to do.  Whew.  Oprah seems to do a lot of miracles, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed about one more.

Oh, back to the table.  This may look like a lot of lumber.  But there are maybe only a couple of slabs intact.  (There had been a lot of stress damage to the tree.)  But the great thing is that, for this effort, we only need one table anyway.  In the small stack, really impossible to see in this pic, there are some amazingly interesting organic pieces that, somehow, may find a second life as a table for good in a year or so.

Brooklyn Phil is reminding me to video document the progress of the table making effort.  We've got some video of the milling of the lumber.  And I plan to get more footage as we proceed.

one table for Phil Campbell

Robin Wade