2012 New American Dining Table LEG

2012 new american dining table LEGS2012 New American Dining Table LEG

Doing almost nothing for the past few weeks, other than work on the three amazing tables that we are in charge of designing and making for the Winter Park 2012 showhome, things are seemingly falling into place.

Here's a pic of one of the pairs of legs.  I know it looks like both pair's - but believe me - it's only one.

As I type, we just (almost) completed the top.  Have turned it back over (underside up).  And just began mounting the legs.  We've designed the legs so the will be dis-assymbled for shipping, and easily re-assymbled on site - in Winter Park.  (One more thing.  They won't be lined up quite as symetrically as they seem here.)

2012 New American Dining Table LEG

Robin Wade