IHFC InterHall October 2011

IHFC InterHall October 2011IHFC InterHall October 2011

Made some great progress on the booth, after driving on into High Point this morning then waiting in the marshalling yard for a couple of hours for our turn at the loading dock.  I've been anxious to see how the new wall mural installed and looks.  So far so good.  Shouldn't take too long tomorrow to install the last three our four panels.  Really amazing how well the sepia tint matches the walls here.

I really like High Point.  I don't know that I've ever seen a town that's so single minded.  This little city has done almost nothing but furniture for ??? well lots of decades.  And it's good to see, that even in these economic times, there still seems to be a lot of big business going on around here. 

The booth's looking a little rough here, but we'll get it all squared away Thursday, and hopefully get an afternoon of rest before Friday's "soft opening" in Interhall.

IHFC InterHall October 2011

Robin Wade