American Craft / Andrew Zoellner Article

American Craft / Andrew Zoellner ArticleAmerican Craft / Andrew Zoellner Article

Gosh, we've been so focused on preparing for the High Point Market, that I forgot about Andrew Zoellner's post.  He did the interview several weeks ago . . .  Yesterday I was lounging in the sun a bit, looking over some website analytics, and ran across American Craft referring several visitors.  One benefit of getting old like me, is you can be nicely surprised by an event multiple times (if you are forgetful enough!).

Thanks Andrew for the nice post!

See the short write up here.

One more last thing;  There should be another small feature in American Craft's next issue - where they asked several crafty's what their favorite hand crafted gift they received.

American Craft / Andrew Zoellner Article

Robin Wade