Regional Furniture

regional furnitureMore and more I cherish the nuances of life.  Being a southerner you have to love accents.  And I always enjoy hearing a Californian explain that they don't have an accent!  Ha!  This morning a friend from Alabama, that lives in New Orleans, Michigan and Argentina emailed this pic, thinking it was a "cajun swing".  Any Alabaman know's this unique piece of furniture was originally designed and developed in North Alabama in the early '70's.

I think each part of the country is proud of and holds strong ties to their uniqueness, wherever they can find it.  And it seems furniture is a good example.  Thinking about american regional furniture this morning, my first thoughts were of adirondack chairs.  But with my second cup of coffee, combined with what friends might suggest an extra dose of a.d.d, my mind whirled through;  rustic furniture's wonderful sticks and twigs, one of my personal faves - mid centery modern that I grew up bumping into as I was learning to walk, shaker's plain and functional furniture following (or leading) their rigid spiritual journey), Williamsburg  - which seems to have closer ties to Southern London than it does Virginia, then I took a deep breath in an appreciation for the wonderful Greene and Greene style of exposed joinery.

If you have an appreciation for a style of regional furniture, or if you have a pic of your favorite piece of regional furniture please share.


Robin Wade