Making progress on the creekside wood burning oven

Now that we are finally back on the project, we are making nice headway.  Yesterday my buddy Nolen helped mix and lay the 3" of concrete cladding over the arch of firebricks.  Then proceeded to lay the first three courses of sandstone bricks along the front and chimney.

With sketchup's 3d modeling program (which I use religiously for furniture design) I completed the design including the planned 4x4 walnut timbers and transluscent roofing. 

Today, we should have the brickwork completed.  From here, we'll let the new portland dry naturally for a week or two before we start drying it out further - slowly - with small fires at first.  I doubt I'll have time to start cooking before we get back from High Point. 

Local bakers - come out come out where ever you are!!

Robin Wade