Remembering Centennial Park

As I was walking from the MARTA station, I had a Centennial Park flashback of sorts.  At 1:20 a.m July 27, 1996, Linda and I were sleeping soundly after a wonderful day visiting with our friends from Guatamala who joined us to share in the Olympic spectacle.  Unfortunately, our friends, with their children were still in Centennial Park during the bombing.  Fortunately, Guillermo, Ingrid and their family were fine, but two were killed and 111 were injured.  Each morning, on the way to this amazing woodworking show (IWF) that's only held every two years in Atlanta, I've been taking MARTA to the GWCC stop, and walking thru Centennial Park to the World Congress Center - offering plenty of non woodworking priorities to ponder each morning.

Robin Wade