Overnight guests

We had overnight guests camping on the back deck Sunday night.  Sunday morning, I gathered two more of the baby mallards and brought them home with intentions of setting them free on the creek to their single parent (dad - duck).  Well, he wasn't around, so I carried them back up to the house and looked for something to keep them in safely.  This portable/collapsable dog kennel was perfect.  Never found the drake, so we loaned them a dog bowl, threw in plenty of their first serving of cracked corn, and tucked them in for the night.  This morning we woke up to a wonderful booming thunderstorm.  Worried about the ducklings, we flashed a flashlight their way.  It was drenched in there.  A couple of inches of water, and they were having a time, splashing and all. 

Well, the drake showed up, we carriend these two down to the creek before work, and released them.  They seemed fine.  I know I shouldn't worry, but I take my "child rearing" very seriously, even though we never had a real "child".

Robin Wadethe creek