does this look dangerous to you?

Does the current look strong?  Well, I've paddled the creek (with the dog's swimming close ahead or behind) just a few times this year so far.  Haven't really given this little fallen limb much attention, other than I (almost unconsciously) paddle around it rather than try to paddle over it.  Well yesterday it came to my attention, just how powerful and potentially dangerous water, even a little creek that's not in flood stage, can be.

As I do most paddling trips, I paddled up the creek with intentions of resting, meditating at our favorite little rapids area and float back home.  Well, two of my dogs swam across the creek and ran on up ahead 50 yards or so.  Mattie, my only pure bred did it the hard way, following right behind my kayak swimming the whole way.  As always, I try to keep an eye on all of them.  I could see at one point that the current was stronger than usual after the wonderful rain we had the day before, and she wasn't making much headway behind this limb.  Then, I looked back again and she was right in front of it, swimming, but unable to get out from and away from it.  I paddled over the the bank, got out and called her from there.  She continued to swim forward, just treading water, making no headway, with only her head in front of the limb, rest of her body behind.  She seemed kindof bug eyed and frightened.  I just walked over and drug/carried her to the bank and safety. 

If she had run out of steam, I THINK she would have probably been pulled under and out of harm, but I don't know.  So, it really wasn't a big deal, but it could have been.  I love water, but must always remember to keep a healthy respect for it, no matter how comfortable it may seem.  


Robin Wade