I'm a dad!

Here's a pic of my neighbor David Cassidy, with two of the baby mallards he found this morning.

We've been looking for baby mallards for a couple of months.  My neighbor up the creek called this morning.  Said he's been chasing them all morning, and had 10 in a cooler.  As I was arriving at his house (by car) one ran across the road right in front of me and into a yard!  I was able to chase him down, and was able to bring all 11 back to the studio.  Can't remember how long it takes for them to grow to full size.  Maybe a couple of months?? before we release them back to their mom and the creek.  For now, there's plenty of chirping going on in here!

Oh, just in case anybody's wondering what I'm doing frantically gathering up these babies, here' the deal.  Being a duck is quite a risky business.  Being a baby duck, at least here on this creek, seems to be a short term proposition.  Between the foxes, coyotes, rat snakes, turtles, catfish, it's amazing that these ducks lasted the 24 hours or so it took before we found them.  Last Spring Linda called me and said there were seven (brand new) baby ducks swimming around the creek behind their mama.  By the time I got home (7 minute drive) the Mom was by herself again.  These baby's are just too enticing to, well it seems like every critter out here.

Robin Wade