1% for the planet

I just received this email from this wonderful organization that I'm so proud to be a small part of.  If you are looking for an environmental organization to be a part of, I'd suggest you take a look at these guys:


Dear Robin,
Thank you for sending in your 2009 membership certification materials, along with your 2010 renewal dues!  All materials have been received, and your membership is now up to date and in good standing - thank you!  We sincerely appreciate your continued support.  It speaks volumes of our members to see so many continuing their 1% commitment even in the midst of such tough economic times.  We, and over 2000 environmental organizations, thank you greatly for enabling us to continue the great work we do.
We hope this note finds you well and that we can all look forward to this next year bringing some wonderful business to your door! 
Please never hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or to just say hello! 
Brittany Nunnink
Membership Wrangler
1% for the Planet
802.496.5408 (phone)
802.496.6111 (fax)



Robin Wade