What makes a great dive?

Linda and I have eaten at some amazing dives all over the country, and beyond.  Although we've dined at some wonderful fine dining restaurants over the years, the awesome hole in the wall , locals spots are the ones we seem to remember.

My number one rule of what makes a great dive:

1)  the owner is the (or one of the) chef(s).  There are great restaurants and dives that don't qualify here.  But, typically, to me, this is the first tell-tale I look for when I'm accessing a potential new dive to try out.

Pictured here is one of several memorable dives on Kapahulu in Honolulu.  We came sooo close to moving to Honolulu a few years back, and one of the top reasons (excuses) was the food.  Several choices serving fresh fish cooked to perfection, within just a few blocks of almost anywhere in on the island.  You don't have to be a kamaiina to eat like a local.  And, it rarely cost over $10 - many times for both of us!


Robin Wade