What makes a great dive - my rule number 2

Customer's regularly line up, out the door to get a table.  If I'm ever driving thru a small town (and haven't done my homework to get local insights thru Chowhound.com) my best results are usually from looking for restaurants with packed parking lots, or, even better, customers lining up out the door.  Linda and I love Asian food.  We also detest buffets, and the standard southern chinese restaurants with all you can eat enticements.  I can't tell you how thrilled we are with Maggie and Jason Lin's Rice Box Restaurant.  Their food, service, even bathrooms are always exceptional.  Jason is the head chef (rule number 1).  There are usually lines out the door (rule number 2).  --  What the heck am I doing here with rules??  I hate rules!  We LOVE the Rice Box (pictured above).  Oh - it's no DIVE.

Robin Wade