found a great dive for lunch in high point

We were driving down main street a high noon in high point wondering what to do for lunch.  Linda spotted a PACKED parking lot.  Since a packed parking lot is my number one key to finding a great restaurant when we're a newby to the area, we swung in.  And man did we find the right place today.  Have no idea about the history of this place, but this isn't their first day on the job.  Just guessing, probably several decades +.  It was packed.  The waitresses were flying.  Farah knew this was our first time, and she practically ordered for us.  We had fried pork chops, fried squash, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, cobler - what else.  It was awesome.  I rarely eat fried, but this was the time to make an exception.  We'll be back, maybe for breakfast!

Robin Wade